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Experienced Global Medical Transportation

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When it comes to medical transportation, you need to work with experienced and reliable shipping agents, who understand the often sensitive and time-critical nature of these journeys.

At AGS we’re experts in handling, shipping and catering to all logistical requirements for commercial services and goods, including medical cargo, medical supply shipping and NHS transport for equipment.

Our dedicated teams have extensive experience of correctly shipping and handling a wide variety of medical supplies with over 20 years experience in the cargo industry.

This means we can offer specialised medical supply shipping that ensures transparency, reliability and expert care and attention. All while ensuring that we can connect the world, not cost it.

Our services however are not just limited to personal protective gear, we also are qualified to handle medical freight in many forms, and are proud to offer bespoke healthcare transportation services specialised to each shipping requirement. So why not get in touch?

Bespoke & Refrigerated Vehicles
Our fleet of vehicles are all facilitated to carry sensitive and temperature-controlled goods, with refrigerated trailers, vans and larger transport vehicles.
Secure Warehousing
We can hold ‘active’ and ‘passive’ shipments at our specialised warehouse facilities near London Heathrow. This also means our dedicated experts can label, ship and store a range of specialised goods, with advice given over our 24/7 customer portal.
Fully Trained in GDP
All our staff are experts in labelling, handling and shipping goods across a range of sectors and industries, and are trained in Good Distribution Practice (GDP). We also have data loggers to report the controlled temperature throughout transit.

What To Expect When Shipping Medical Equipment With Us

Because our dedicated teams have such a wealth of experience when it comes to handling, packaging and shipping a wide range of goods, from healthcare transportation requirements to dangerous goods and specialised cargo, our services are bespoke and can cater to all requirements.

When it comes to sensitive and time-critical services, including those for healthcare transportation, medical cargo, NHS equipment and pharmaceutical transport, our medical transportation services are professional and specialised.

Our dedicated teams provide healthcare transport services to a global network, to an award-winning standard and are all fully IATA regulated.

We work closely with only the best accredited shipping agents across a global network, for the kind of guaranteed expertise that you would expect from medical transportation services.

Plus, at the heart of what we do, our customers’ needs always come first. Because your success is our success, and we take great pride in offering transparent, customer-centric medical freight services that listen to and fulfill your bespoke requirements.

  • Drugs and medication
  • Vaccines
  • Medical supplies
  • Personal protective equipment (PPE)
  • Hazardous and dangerous goods
  • Hospital equipment
  • Packaging
  • Machinery
  • Medical clothing

Bespoke Medical Transportation Services

Our specialist teams are fully qualified and experienced in handling PPE Equipment & medical cargo to ensure that we can provide bespoke air freight services in any circumstances.

  • Aircraft ULD Build Up & Break Down
  • Temperature Controlled ULD Equipment
  • Specialist Packaging Solutions
  • In-House Air Freight Screening
  • Temperature Monitoring
  • Global Air Freight Infrastructure
  • Full Visibility & Monitoring Tools
  • Full consultation service for your temperature-controlled requirements

Time Critical Medical Cargo Services

Transportation of PPE supplies, pharmaceutical and medical supplies relies on expert handling and bespoke facilities, which AGS is proud to offer.

Our temperature-controlled services ensure that our medical transportation services provide the care and attention that sensitive shipments deserve. This includes envirotainers for reliable controlled temperatures and your peace of mind.

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Customs Brokerage

With access to all the major air and sea ports in the UK we provide our clients with a seamless customs clearance service for all import and export cargo

24/7 Customer Portal

100% visibility throughout the entire shipping, management and handling process.

Global Logistics

We provide freight forwarding services to key destinations with dedicated logistics partners and offices all over the world.

Specialised Teams

With over 20 years of experience in the industry, our teams cater to all freight logistics whether that's outsized cargo or time-critical requirements.

Bespoke Services

Dangerous goods handling or fragile goods transport? Customs clearance? Our experts have the knowledge and experience no matter your commercial requirements.

Warehouse & Fulfilment Services

With the world of online eCommerce booming, we provide our clients with a one-stop-shop for all of their fulfilment needs. Unrivalled service and simplicity is why we are the leaders in our field.

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Why not get in touch with our team for more information on how our freight logistics services can help, for a bespoke quote or competitive rates.
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Meet Us At Multimodal 2022
AGS Acquires ISO9001:2015 Certification
How Can AGS Help With Brexit Challenges
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