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Customs Clearance UK

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AGS provide customs clearance and brokerage services across all airports/ports linked to CCS-UK, our team utilise in-house systems linked directly to HM Revenue & Customs, providing a quick and compliant customs clearance whether that be by Air, Sea, Road, Rail or Hand Carry.

We take away the hassle and complexity of customs clearance in the UK process so that you can focus on running your business.

Plus, with 20 years experience in the industry, we’re comfortable in the knowledge that we can ensure increased efficiencies and total, reliable handling throughout the process from door to door.

Compliance is critical, especially when sending your goods overseas from the UK or one of the many vital destinations worldwide. Customs clearance, especially when it comes to the processes involved in air cargo customs, are a crucial step for all businesses to ensure that your imports and exports are streamlined and successful.

Not only this, but it’s crucial you work with an experienced and fully qualified, licensed customs broker during the entirety of this, often complicated process. Just like us.

HMRC Compliant Services
All our customs procedures are HMRC approved and we keep all documents stored for auditing purposes. We can assist with various types of documentation, with an integrated customs solution for any specific need.
Customs Documentation & Consular Services
Wherever the destination of your shipments, we ensure that you’re up to date with customs clearance regulations, required documentation and shipping classifications for anywhere in the world including: EC & Arab certificates of origin, EUR1s & ATRs, ATA Carnet services and T1 documentation.
Import & Export Specialists
We handle full pre-entry processes and ensure simplified declarations as well as handling local clearance procedures to whatever destination you require. We also provide advice on, and handle, ATA Carnet requirements, and can ensure transhipment customs entry for all jobs where necessary.

A Leading Customs Clearance UK Agent

Our services are reliable, expert and provide a dedication to customers that we think it can be difficult to find anywhere else. And we don’t see a reason to be shy about this.

We’re able to offer customs clearance services that cater to all requirements, no matter the stage of the clearance process at which your business needs assistance.

We work to ensure complete transparency at every stage of the process, whether we’re providing you with advice on the customs entry fee for the UK or the correct packing and handling of your goods.

We also provide expert document capture and storage approved by HMRC, because it’s essential that every step of the process is compliant and according to the complex regulations that come with customs clearance.

So, what does our air cargo customs and extensive customs clearance portfolio include?

How We've Elevated Our Freight Forwarding Services

At AGS, we’ve transported our customers goods more miles than we can count, thanks to our worldwide network of trusted logistics partners. Having built up specialist connections with key locations all over the world, here at AGS we can cater to nearly every commercial requirement out there.

But all while delivering these services with cost-effectiveness in mind. Because high quality should be accessible for everyone; dedication shouldn’t be a luxury, and specialism should be available no matter the service required.

This is why we’re one of the leading freight forwarding companies for customer service and professionalism. It’s our job to make your job easier.

We also know that experience talks.

Cloud-based platform to give you more transparency on your consignments

Global network of agents spanning six continents around the world

Customs Import Clearances

Because of the often complex and strict import procedures, our customs clearance services cater to all requirements for both small-scale and more demanding logistics. When handling import clearances with us, you can expect our services to cover:

  • Customs Duty & VAT Management
  • General home use customs entries
  • Low & Medium Value Bulk Imports (BIRDS)
  • Letter of credit processing
  • Submitting customs declarations
  • Dedicated customs team near London Heathrow
  • Advice and support on deferment of duty charges, where required
  • Bonded warehouse facilities
  • ATA Carnet Customs Clearances
  • PEACHES System for Perishable Cargo linked to the Border Inspection Post (BIP)
  • Air worthiness, End Use, IPR & OPR
  • CVED & DEFRA Customs Entries
  • Transhipments
  • Merchandise in Baggage (M.I.B) Clearances

ETSF Warehousing (External Temporary Storage Facility)

  • 24/7 Off-airport bonded transit facility
  • De-consolidation services
  • ULD Handling
  • Airport transfer

Customs Compliance Health Check

Because relationships between countries can be complicated and require a vast amount of expertise to navigate, especially when it comes to importing and exporting goods of any kind, it’s beneficial to work with an experienced and reliable customs agent to ensure that at every stage of the process your shipments are compliant with worldwide regulations.

  • This is why our customs clearance UK services cover:
  • BREXIT consultancy
  • General Health Check
  • Tariff Classification
  • Binding Tariff Rulings
  • Valuations, Sourcing Options
  • Duty Planning, Reliefs & Special Procedures
  • Customs Audit Support & Representation
  • Customs Duty Reclaims & Recovery
  • Union Customs Code (UCC)

Working with AGS means that whenever you’re shipping to a key destination around the world, you’ve got your documentation in check and are fully compliant.

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Customs Brokerage

With access to all the major air and sea ports in the UK we provide our clients with a seamless customs clearance service for all import and export cargo

24/7 Customer Portal

100% visibility throughout the entire shipping, management and handling process.

Global Logistics

We provide freight forwarding services to key destinations with dedicated logistics partners and offices all over the world.

Specialised Teams

With over 20 years of experience in the industry, our teams cater to all freight logistics whether that's outsized cargo or time-critical requirements.

Bespoke Services

Dangerous goods handling or fragile goods transport? Customs clearance? Our experts have the knowledge and experience no matter your commercial requirements.

Warehouse & Fulfilment Services

With the world of online eCommerce booming, we provide our clients with a one-stop-shop for all of their fulfilment needs. Unrivalled service and simplicity is why we are the leaders in our field.

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AGS Acquires ISO9001:2015 Certification
How Can AGS Help With Brexit Challenges
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