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How Can Scanlon Freight Help With Brexit Challenges

Brexit finally took place on 1st January 2021, which has resulted in constant and swift changes for many businesses in several aspects, especially with importing and exporting.

This is why here at Scanlon Freight, we are dedicated to keeping everyone up to date on the ongoing and ever-changing transition period resulting from Brexit.

How? By providing ongoing and relevant information to ensure that your business can focus on what matters most. This means your shipping can be as seamless as possible while you’re up to date on any changes in regulations.

On the one hand, the UK government continues to phase in border controls. In contrast, the EU has implemented full border control and customs procedures from 1st January 2021, which is why there are varying changes with importing goods compared to exporting.

The Effects On Importing Goods

From 1st January throughout the year up until 31st December, HMRC introduced an easy import custom clearance system which is the Customs Freight Simplified Procedures/Entry In Declarants Records.

Under CFSP-EIDR it has given importers 174 days from the date of importing their goods to supply a full import entry (C88). However, all importers must keep a record of each shipment at the point of arrival. This system is available for all importers, and you are not required to apply for it.

From 1st January 2022, the CFSP/EIDR procedure will continue to apply, however, you will at that point need to provide a full import declaration (C88) sooner on the 4th day after the month-end and will require authorisation from HMRC.

However, both the UK and EU have taken into account the delays and impacts that the pandemic has had on businesses and so, as a result has delayed some implementation dates of the controls in relation to Sanitary and Phytosanitary Goods which are:

The requirement for pre-notification of Agri-food imports will now be introduced on 1st January 2022 Instead of the original intended date of 1st October 2021.
The new requirements that are needed for Export Health Certificates were also due to be implemented on 1st October 2021, however, has now been pushed back to 1st July 2022
Phystomanity Certificates and physical checks on SPS goods at the border control posts will now be introduced on 1st July 2022

The Effects On Exporting Goods

Regarding exports, as previously stated, the EU implemented full border controls from the 1st January 2021. However, some critical information for businesses to be aware of are:

A full export declaration and a Safety & Security declaration must be completed for goods from the 1st January 2021.

Full import declarations in the EU or Transit Documents issued from 1st January 2021

How We Can Help

We understand that the ongoing changes can be overbearing and difficult to understand and comprehend.

This is why we are on hand to support you through these turbulent times of importing and exporting for your operations to continue running smoothly through these new custom formalities.

So do not hesitate to get in contact and discuss any worries or issues you may have, and we will be happy to assist.

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